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Project Description
The unTroublemaker is a troubleshooter program that helps your project quickly find and fix missing dependency issues using simple XML-based specifications.

The unTroublemaker aims to simplify the process of installing your software on a client or server machine.

We all know the ordeal of setting up a new machine when we're developing an application that requires a lot of other installed software, this could be patches, COM libraries or maybe even configuration on external sources. The unTroublemaker will root out these issues for you and display them in a sensible format without you having to manually sift through the registry every time you setup a new environment.

The unTroublemaker should be used in combination with an XML specification that you write. The XML file specifies registry keys, files and there content and other criteria that is required to make your application run properly and gives you the ability to either provide a quick fix or at least hint to what's wrong in the configuration.

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